Leading our Finance Department for over 25 years

Jacki Jones

Jacki Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Specialties: Accounting, Back-Office Operations

Experience: 40+ years

"Numbers are fun when they relate to people traveling the world!"

In the role of Chief Financial Officer, Jacki Jones brings over 35 years of financial management experience and expertise to Your Travel Center. As C.F.O., Jacki, directs and oversees the financial aspects of the business including accounting practices, financial analysis and acquisitions. Jacki’s passion is travel, and whilst the travel industry environment is facing new challenges she fully believes that with true dedication and excellent customer service the travel agency community will prosper.

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Favorite Travel Tip

Travel with open eyes. Try not be to be frightened by what seems different or 'exotic'. These differences will help shape your mind and soul, making the the world a better place.

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